Author Topic: How to post a screenshot of your GTA San Andreas folder [Guide]  (Read 6416 times)

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Here is a simple explanation about posting a screenshot of your GTA:SA folder for the people who don't know.
It's easy, just follow the steps below;

1) Go to; My computer ? System(C:) ? Program Files ? Rockstar Games ?GTA San Andreas. That is the place where all of your game data and other stuff are.

2) When you finished the first step and opened GTA:SA folder, press Print Screen (SysqR) button on your keyboard. If you do not know where it is, have a look at the picture below (button in a bolded red rectangle is PrintScreen)

3) Once you have pressed PrintScreen button, you will need to visit "Paint" or "Photoshop", I will show you via Paint, because not all of you have Photoshop installed on your PC, so here we go.

-If you have Windows XP, press "Edit" button at the left corner (above paint options, besides "File"), and after the menu shows, press "Paste". Your image will appear, all you need to do is just to crop it to be the size as the Paint's field is. Then save the file somewhere you want.

-If you have Windows 7 etc, just press "File" and "paste", crop that picture to be the same size as Paint's field and save it, nothing much different than XP.

4) After you saved the image, you will need to upload it on http://imgur.com. An explanation below:

Step 1. Click the upload photos button.   


the "Computer" button -

Then, a window will open. Navigate to select the screenshot from the location you saved it - And press OPEN.

Step 2. Click the Start Upload button - and wait for the pic to upload.

Step 3. Once the pic is uploaded, copy this and paste to your ban appeal post

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