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on: May 10, 2019, 08:06:07 pm
In-game name:[/Flicky]
Reason why you have been banned:[/Telling Below]
Admin who banned you:[/All ]

Hello Guys, My Friends, My Mates and My Seniors.

I hope you all will read this, Espeacially:

Kostas GR

And all others.

I really want to see you back and be my friends again. I want to become a part of xSF again. I know that everybody knows iam banned and i have fully brief description about my all bans. I will also provide all reasons, My lies, and all that stuff. I will include each and every ban and at end including an over all verdict for my bans.Hope you will think positively for me. Please help me, I want to come back in xSF and I SWEAR to god as, Allah for Muslims, Jesus for ChristianS, Hanuman,Krishna,Ram for Hindus, Sun for Zoroasters and Zeus and Athena and other gods for Greeks that i won't even think about Cheating. Now i have realized fully that Cheating is very bad.

Ban 1- Weapon hacks:
                                        It was my first day of samp and i played UIF before xSF. Sorry for Including server name. As it do not include any cheats ban so i used but i also didn't know about any rules that time. I used them in xSF also and get banned it was TEMPORARY


Ban 2- Adv of my discord server:
                                                            Akira banned me for this. Actually its have been literally 2 weeks from when i get known about discord and i dont knew that this is the thing. I invited Mr.Vamp to my server, Salute to that player. Mr.Vamp reported the staff and Akira took action on it and banned me from Discord and InGame. PERMANENTLY.

Ban 3- Health hacks:
                                     My brother did this and Koshya banned me. I admire this ban as it was my mistake to give my brother my account but i did. Now i have a new account for him. Not using it as iam banned. I will count it as ban evading.

Ban- 4 No-reload mod:
                                         This one occured in RPG duel. I was playing with my friend Overpowered and the rpg was shooting and he reported that i am using no reload mod.I agree that i was using but not with my perm in SAMP. Actually i use it in the Single player. Cheat menu saved the settings of SP in SAMP.

Ban- 5 Armour hacks:
                                       This is armour hacks ban. It was at BP4. I was very bad at doing it so i tried to spawn heli to complete it from cheat menu but in Cheat menu there is no text but only black transparent box and i messed up and clicked the player options>Full Armour and Health. Anti cheat banned me.Another armour hacks ban was done by the pubg mode bug.

Ban-6 Teleport hacks:
                                       Teleport hacks, I used it many time in games to complete bp1 to fastly get a new house. Ashamed on it. Sorry

Ban- 7 Rpg in freeroam:
                                           This was a bug. i know i said that others are also bugs but i lied cuz i dont wanted to be banned again. Sorry. Actually all interiors are made in a empty space between freeroam. So it takes time to pass freeroam then empty space and then arrive at the interior. Weapons load early then that. Interiors take almost 2 seconds to load.I loaded with rpg and at the same time the opponent accepted duel i walked onto the house out marker. Now the CPU had 2 choices to transfer me to freeroam and the second to transfer me into duel place and it choosed freeroam so i got in freeroam with rpg as rpg loaded while i was in the empty space. If you dont agree that there is some empty space you can ask your mappers they will tell you. it also called blue hell or heaven.

Ban-5:Counted as a ban but not for Armour hacks, for spawning vehicles in BP.
Ban-6:Counted:Did it many times. Very ashamed.
Ban-7:No ban:The only bug happened all over.

Total bans: 4
The total number of bans are 4 and now this is your turn to make a final decision. That would i be unbanned or no. Please let other members reply about this as well as staff also.If i still not unbanned just let me in xSF discord server.

I love xSF and i won't play any server except xSF. If i don't wanted to become a player of xSF i would have left thinking about this but still iam trying to get back. Normal people after getting banned find another server but i won't  leave xSF.

As i promised that i won't cheat again, Please unban me and give me one more chance to change myself. God Promise


Your Friend,


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