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on: March 15, 2019, 05:00:28 am
Want to join us? It have some requirements follow them and apply for join us! Thanks.

1- [SW] Tag is Important /togtag. ?
2- Never Ask For Promotions, if you do you will be demoted or kicked immediately. ?
3- Do not insult any members, and always respect Your Leader/Co-leader and all members, group members. ?
4- 1.00 Kill/Death Ratio is required from you. ?
5- A Minimum of 24 hours in game and 1500 score is required from you. ?
6- Always team in events and DM's, if not you will be kicked from the group. ?
7- No Group Hoppers are allowed here. ?
8- You need to know how to use 2-shot and C-bug ?
9- No Team killing (except CnR & Tdm) ?
10- Always Help Groupmates if they need you. ?

After Joining Group (u got accepted)
1- Play Regularly atleast 3/5hour in day or more, if u have jobs, or anything play atleast 7/8hours in Week. ?
2- because you're in our group u have to show some respect to Players/Admins.
NOTE:Never insult/Provoke any Player/admin, or this will be a  reason of your KICK. ?
3- No Bad-Talk in Group-Chat Keep it as Friendly-Family. ?
That's all, follow them.

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