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on: December 21, 2018, 08:52:43 am
xSF Random Event Championship

What? :spongebob:

Yes, you heard correctly - Starting now in January, we will arrange one random (and perhaps a small) event every month. The events are not taking place at one spot or one moment only, so it's possible for you to join it over a little period. @Mixa7, @Eighty, @Floki, @Ramy, and @D00M™ will be in charge of the events - so please reach out to them for event-specific questions.
The points will be arranged for every event so that first place always gets 10 and the last place gets 0 points. They will be spread evenly out in between. The points will be summarized after every event and added as a total score.

Example: There are 7 players in the first event:
Player 1: 0
Player 2: 1.6
Player 3: 3.3
Player 4: 5.0
Player 5: 6.6
Player 6: 8.3
Player 7: 10

Requirements and rules (keep an eye here, they might chance along the way)
  • You need to participate in 7 or more events to be qualified for the final prizes. If you can't, you are disqualified.
  • You can't be caught cheating in any of the events. The event arranger along with admins has the right to disqualify you in such situations.
  • Using two accounts to get higher chances of winning, is strictly prohibited and will be handled by the management. (it's a really bad thing to do, so don't do that.)

Prizes that will be handed out in December 2019:
1st place: Permanent* VIP membership in-game and on forums. (If already VIP, you can have a custom mapped house)
2nd place: Permanent* Premium level 1 membership in-game and on forums. (If already Premium 1 or higher, you can add your own CMD with a funny message)
3rd place: 5 custom emoji on our discord server, 500.000 ingame cash, and 1.000 cookies.
*permanent in as how VIP-membership is defined in the premium guidelines.
Standings: After 1 event:
Code: [Select]
1. debowak (Danger): 10 points
2. turbowned__ (Endryu): 7.5 points
3. SamEEr.KhaN: 5 points
4. Armionus: 2.5 points

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Mr.tom 😂

But. Can i join all the events ?


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Mr.tom 😂

But. Can i join all the events ?
Yes if you can, that's the best :)


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Minato  :thumbsup3:


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Stop posting your names, boys. Everyone can participate. No need to sign up.  :thumbsup3: