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xSF Cars Festival
We're the Community Events Team and as such I'm announcing myself the very first xSF Festival Cars Show!
For this event we want to focus mostly on having an exemplary plateform with our fellow Community Mapper, @kostasGR, without mentioning the fact that he contributed pretty much putting such a really big effort in order to get the most suitable and faboulous objects around the whole specified map.
Several cool and modified vehicles are well-welcomed as soon as such things would give an innovative perspective along with the event itself, just to review your own thoughts.
Either custom or private vehicles are certainly allowed in this event as they're the only one requirement needed.

Please, make sure to sign up simply by following the template below:
Code: [Select]
In-game name:
Custom/private car name:

Rules & Regulations:
Anyone who will be caught breaking the following rules will be harshly punished.
1. Weapons are not allowed/necessary as you'll be joining the event whilst your /godmode is turned on.
2. No other vehicles are allowed. Whoever will be using them, the disqualification will be the priority.
4. Make sure not to be any provocative during the event and enjoy your gameplay until the end.
1st winner -> $20,000,000 and 200 cookies
2nd winner -> $15,000,000 and 150 cookies
3rd winner -> $10,000,000 and 100 cookies

How can I win the event?: As you may figure out from the aforementioned awards, there'll be only three winners, thus only 3 vehicles that will be personally customized by all participants. Therefore, the 3 participants who will get most of votes from the Community Events Team will successfully reach the podium.
Can I customize any vehicle I want?: Any custom vehicle whether it's a car, a bike, a truck, whatever you think can suit as being excellent and unique; so better taking out your beast and, obviously, have fun!
Credits: Special thanks to the whole Community Events Team as well as to KostasGR for the great effort to make sure that this Car Festival Show could exist in this server.
Date: Still under-review.

  what are the Cars can we use .


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  what are the Cars can we use .
Every  car/bike you can ride


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  what are the Cars can we use .
Every  car/bike you can ride
More like every vehicle that's listed in /pvshop and available to take as a PV, excluding VIP vehicles.


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Date and Time added.

Sunday 25th of November 2018, at 20:00 CET.
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In case someone didn't notice yet, you can check this event map in-game by using /festival command.


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