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on: March 23, 2018, 03:57:07 pm
xSF community Event - Server Trailer

Hello everybody,

With Easter coming soon, we thought about bringing back one of the events that was also organized last year, with some pretty good submissions. However, we do feel like we will have to change the trailer choice and also give the opportunity to our members, not only to become part of the xSF history, but to also have the chance to win a reward.


In contrary to last year's event, we are a bit more organized this time and will give everyone the opportunity to build the videos equally. What does this mean?
  • Players will have the opportunity to get any specific rank they wish to have in the test server (for the video purpose) and get them revoked after they finish filming; these players will be supervised by any community events member/admin while having these powers)
  • Players will also be given the opportunity to hide their textdraws to have a clean screen when recording and clearly present the server features.
  • Players will be given the opportunity to work with other members of the helper/community events team to get things executed the way they prefer it to (with their consent and availability)

Picking the winner

The winner won't be picked randomly, but each player will have the opportunity to vote for the trailer they believe better fits to be the server trailer; However, admins (lead, management and owners included), will have the opportunity to vote from 0 to 3, which means their vote will matter more than the player's, which is equal to 1.

(( if you still got concerns about the way the winner will be picked, don't hesitate to contact me/community events team through PM on the forums or directly on our Discord ))


Instead of rewarding the player in any sort of game currency, we have decided to hand the player 3 different Premium prices:

  • 1 month level 1 premium membership for 3rd position
  • 2 months level 2 premium membership for 2nd position
  • 3 month level 3 premium membership for 1st position
  • Everyone taking part: moral support for being part of xSF history  :D:

Those who do win one of the above positions, but already are premium members, they will be given the reward in cookies (the value of which will be equal to the premium membership they were supposed to have).


A separate board will be created where players will be able to post their videos; threads will have to follow a specific format that will be posted in the same board. Threads not following the format will get renamed and formatted to fit the correct template.


The event is now officially open! Video submissions will be open until 6th of April, while voting will last until 8th of April, date the winner will also get announced.

PS: Admins may also take part in the event, but they will either have to give the full winning amount to another player, part of the event, or split it with them.
And please, read the rules before proceeding!

Best of luck in behalf of the Community Events team!
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  • Players are not allowed to submit videos submitted the past year
  • Players are allowed to post more than one video (all points for each video will get accumulated to the player in total)
  • Players are not allowed to break the server rules while filming, unless granted permission for specific actions under admin supervision.
Any video that breaks any of the rules above, will be disqualified. If server rules are also broken, penalization may consist.

Rules may change based on the circumstances; you are to check them while making your video to make sure you are not outdated and get disqualified on submission.

Other than that, you may proceed with your own will.
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Take a look at how big marketers make their videos, Rockstar is a great example. I could not expect you to make something similar a big studio makes, but a decent trailer should give the user a reason to visit xSF, not a showcase of how many extreme animations you could use.



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Deadline postponed to 6th of April (Friday), 2018.

EDIT: videos will be allowed to be published even after Friday however, due to delayed publishing, their publication in the poll will be delayed and thus influenced.
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After a bit of delay, we are ready to announce the winner of the Trailer contest. Due to lack of submissions, we are forced to give our first reward to the only trailer that was published, and that is Lunarave's and his team trailer. For this reason, we will not have to go through voting and automatically reward them with the 1st position. Congratulations!

We are giving the opportunity to everyone else who want to submit a video to do so in the following 9 days (until 20/04/2018). Trailers with more than 20 votes each (player votes), will get 2nd and 3rd position. If no new trailers are submitted until then, rewards will then be disregarded. Best of luck again.