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Groups / Re: Yamato - Mafia
« Last post by Travis.Yamato on Yesterday at 11:57:36 pm »
Updates on Yamato:
I have added a new design to the website.
From white I changed now to black, the index was equipped with a new heading and now also has a copyright marker. The navigation bar has been adapted and exchanged, with a cool shadow the navigation bar is rounded off nicely.
I have written an application system, which offers the application the opportunity to write a private application, which is stored in an external database.
it came new features to the internal area. I have moved the system to a server and bought the server a new domain. (http://Yamatosamp.de/)
The contact page has now been removed, as the new application system offers a better option, new updates will be added in a few days.

Upcoming updates:
Chat System (Internal)
Permission System (ACP (Internal))
UCP (Internal)
New index
Help page
Rule page
information page
Darkmode on / off switch
Profile Site (Internal)
News System
Everything and Nothing / Re: Post Memes And Gifs!
« Last post by Edcy on Yesterday at 11:20:06 pm »

lol admin reaching out a hacker
Server Refunds / Re: Vip Membership refund Appeal
« Last post by denNorske on Yesterday at 11:10:17 pm »

I will check this tomorrow and get back to you.

EDIT: So, we would need proofs of the donation and i would need to know if you had this VIP before @ merge at 15th of october 2018.

Give me the above and we can continue the process of this refund.
Processed Refunds / Re: rip vip
« Last post by denNorske on Yesterday at 11:09:08 pm »
Alright, thanks for the reply.

Locked and processed
Bug Reports / Re: /PUBG leaving BUG
« Last post by Soviet on Yesterday at 11:06:08 pm »
This also happen to me sometimes but on different commands, When i use another one and it work we it get fixed
Introductions / Re: Whyami's here!
« Last post by Soviet on Yesterday at 10:59:55 pm »
Welcome to Xsf, hope you enjoy your time with us.
Processed Refunds / Re: VIP Refund
« Last post by denNorske on Yesterday at 10:47:38 pm »
Hi there PerFie - I like your name!

Unfortunately this action with your VIP stuff had its root back when Kevin was owner, and the staff back then had the reasons to remove / revoke the VIP from you. A VIP-ship cost 12 euros today, so if you're able to donate (for the good of xsf) you will also have the VIP back.

I can't set back the level as this VIP was not lost during the merge of the server, meaning it's outside of the scope of what we are refunding for. I am sad you had a bad experience with it earlier (and it sounds unfair tbh), but I can't help you.

It was a good refund appeal, btw. Good job.

Processed Refunds / Re: [rK]Lagger. Refund appeal
« Last post by Nerve on Yesterday at 08:17:24 pm »
Processed Refunds / VIP Refund
« Last post by PerFie on Yesterday at 08:03:11 pm »
In Game Name: PerFie
Are you refunding money or stats? if so post what: VIP
How did you lose your stats?:It was revoked after VIPs & Helpers in disguises(changed nicks) were provocating me so I take /tank and kill them out of anger while they were recording all that so they can report me.
Proof: No proof needed. xSF players know I was VIP and almost everyone knows how I lost it.

After few rejected attempts to get my VIP back I gave up and started getting used to being a regular player.
But after the new-new owner of xSF (after Kevin) people keep asking why don't I try to refund it. So here I am.

I really don't want to be a butt-kiss and write "please" hundred times or look like an innocent guy who did nothing wrong...
I just want to ask....can I have my VIP back, please? I promise this is the last time I ask about it  :biggrin3:
Events / Scavenger Hunt IV - Photo 26
« Last post by Mixa7 on Yesterday at 06:56:33 pm »
+2pts @Naranja  :doh3:

3pts worth, oh my!

Hint: Los Santos
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