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Server Suggestions / Re: Toggle announcements
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:58:46 pm »
Cure mental diseases +1

Everything and Nothing / Re: MEIN KAMPF [English Version][Apology]
« on: February 24, 2019, 09:32:03 pm »
Putting your mask on again, 'njoy

Introductions / Re: !
« on: February 18, 2019, 02:27:57 pm »
I didnt pay

Inactivity/Leaving / Time to go
« on: January 26, 2019, 01:44:19 am »
Some of you have probably noticed that my inactivity topic has been removed. It has come to a shape where I have made my mind after a lot of time thinking.

I have decided to correct my post and declare my departure from administration overall. I am definitely certain that I won't be able to dedicate anymore. A lot of stressing and difficult life situations have been recently appearing. I just no longer can take the pressure of being a staff member. I won't post much details about my general situation, but the time to sign out has come.

It's certainly been a good journey with many ups and downs. I have been around for more than most of the people and a lot of history and nostalgia connects me with this place. I would like to point out a little of my story as a letter of adventurous and cool experience. I started off as a total newbie to the gaming communities in early 2013. I barely knew any rules or anything and my experience and skills were second to zero. By joining xSF and meeting a lot of amazing, friendly and experienced people I have learned a lot in short amount of time. At the beginning of 2014 I have been appointed as a Moderator. Since then, I've had a couple of breaks from administration, but I also matured and gained a topmost amount of experience regarding the server, administration and policy. I have matured in several aspects. There are cons, too, such as a lot of unnecessary time spent, many difficulties, but it will always remain in the good corner of my soul.

I especially want to thank my dearest friends here for making my experience entertaining and unforgettable. Specifically spoken;
SpikY for being the founder of the brightest group of the golden age, TsX aka iN and for infinitely trusting me by appointing me one of his right hand men and helping me throughout my administration journey since its beginning
Savvas for being one of my best friends around, a person who always supported me and never let me down.
Netano for being one of my comfort zone friends literally, I could speak to him about anything. And we've been experiencing tremendously much by ourselves.
ReV for trusting me since the beginning and appointing me one of the update beta testers and mappers back in the day. Literally, I wouldn't ever gain the experiece without his will to work with me.
Oxhorne for being a great friend and trusting me during the management change in 2016/17, you truly were one of my role models back then.
Gabie for tremendously supporting me and appointing me as a Lead Administrator in 2017, despite sometimes not showing true professionality and screwing up.
Can't unmention a couple of also really important pupils such as Cait, Emperor, Altair, Atche, thcerawr and so on, there is a lot of you guys I can't seem to remember all of you at the moment.

The journey after the merge, I must say, hasn"t been the same as it used to be in the past, but I am still grateful a couple of good friends of mine were still there to help me not feel lonely. I'd also like to credit a couple of newer players who I've met and turned out to get along well. Thank you for appointing me to the staff team here and I'm glad that I have serviced as much as I could up until now. To make it clear, I'll keep trying to finish some of my projects, such as /mp2, however don't expect too much now. I will try servicing when I get the time, but as for my departure, my mind has been cleared and this will be my final speech as a Veteran Administrator. Make sure you keep up the good work and keep xSF alive while you can. For players who are still around, it means a lot. And they are exactly the reason you keep the server up, always keep in mind that there are players who love the server with great passion and that is what makes this server so special. Do not give up on it while you are able to keep it going!

Last but not least, I will surely keep in touch and join sometimes, I am not completely leaving everything. It is just that I am releasing myself from all the distractions I have whifh are not really necessary for my life outside the screen. I have come across certain difficulties and I have to overcome them in the healthiest way. I just can't help staying no more, even on standby (what I previously tried to obtain). I know that I have posted an inactivity topic 2-3 days ago, but I still actually was in a process of simultaneous thoughts and I don't want to just be away without a proper notice. Remaining here as an admin is still a little distractive. I am not seeking for attention at all, this is just to let you know about the situation. Some of you have tried convincing me to stay, but the situation is delicate and I will have to take a huge respite. I guess this is pretty much it about my active xSF life, I will make sure to be informed about news as frequently as possible. And no, this won't turn out to be the same scenery as during my 2014 leaving(s).

My so-defined time to go should've happened a while ago. I have just tried not to be forced to step away whileI 'could manage to stay' and so on, but it can't be helped. This is definitely the best possible choice for me right now.

Thank you for everything, xTreme Stunt Freeroam

Introductions / Re: bla bla bla...
« on: January 25, 2019, 06:28:06 pm »
ello mista hawp yu en yur gf dooen whale

Implemented / Re: Minigames/Challenges won in our /stats
« on: January 25, 2019, 04:42:23 pm »
Positive although I'd love to separate more difficult challenges from the rest. I wouldn't want bp1 spammers to stand on top of challenges won...

Denied Suggestions / Re: Awards for having a custom score.
« on: January 25, 2019, 04:33:50 pm »
Processed as the suggested feature is already there (/ranks).

Denied Suggestions / Re: Invite More People
« on: January 23, 2019, 08:52:19 pm »
topic of 2019 in january... world record
Pretty sure dollr set the unbeatable record by making his admin apple in January 1st 2016, the best topic of all time, not only that year :spongebob:

Anyway there's nothing we can do since SAMP's overall base has drastically shrinked during 2017-2018, pointless.

Implemented / Re: Custom Group Ranks
« on: January 23, 2019, 05:08:33 pm »

Nice Traditional part ^

That was actually random. :blushing3:

Stop showing off :(

Server Suggestions / Re: Back to the traditional. Part (9)
« on: January 23, 2019, 04:55:16 pm »
1) Yessir.

2) Fine as it is now, /loadrace comes in handy more than it's being misused.

3) Not necessary, maybe only add a message above players' heads about high ks that would be it.

4) Custom sets? Agreed just under a well-defined system. Not a priority though.

5) I'd agree with /dmstats for all DM related stuff... killstreaks, top cbug, headshots and so on.

Please use informative titles :dubbelpuntE_Smiley:

Implemented / Re: Custom Group Ranks
« on: January 23, 2019, 04:47:21 pm »

Especially with the part regarding Back to the Traditional Part 38,2+42,5/sin(pi/3)^n,n->3

ImmortaL Club / Footage
« on: January 22, 2019, 02:45:09 pm »
ImmortaL Club meeting screenshots and/or videos will be posted here. To start off, I'll post a couple of photos from small meeting we've had few days ago, enjoy and make sure you don't post oversized photos without setting the size!

Here's a couple of specific ones. More posted on our forums visible to members only. To see fullsized photos, click on them.

Trying out our new hangout zone, Los Santos Strip Club aka the Pig Pen!

Mower ride, we hella quick!

Caution: S.W.A.T. is on duty!

3v3 Deathmatch tournament, hosted at our Stadium! (/gh 59)

A nice, clean ai-Altair the 'developer' has arrived!

Carshow at Julius Thruway North!

More coming soon!

ImmortaL Club / Changelog
« on: January 22, 2019, 02:34:01 pm »
All recent changes within the clan along with new recruits & promotions/demotions will be posted here.

Note: No posts will be added for every single flaw, I'll reply every few weeks/or a month with all changes happening from date x to the date posted and list the exact date of each change.

ImmortaL Club / Member List
« on: January 22, 2019, 02:33:00 pm »

Last Updated: January 29th, 2019.

Credit to Menace for the 'memberlist' logo.

Better logos will be added soon. We've created random ones just so we can post the list. Patience.

ImmortaL Club / Ranking System
« on: January 22, 2019, 02:31:30 pm »

Our ranking system is specific and differs from ingame ranks. We make sure to have every position useful in a certain way, which means nothing is wasted. You will see a description about each individual level and their current holders by order of power and responsibilities. Ranks aren't given away and each holder of their respective title has been tremendously working in order to get where he/she is right now.

Custom ranks are based off a well established tasks, sorted by their respective holders. As the server does not have custom ranks feature, we're using the current in game ranks as a replacement for the custom ranks, however, the order and/or level of the rank is slightly different than in game, therefore just by viewing the level of someone in game basically means nothing.

The Immortal Club Management proudly presents you; the official Ranking System of the club. One of the most valuable topics that makes us different than every other squad.

President is the owner of the club and everything within the system is under his control. He is the main operator of discipline, managing organization flow and taking care of the most important disscussions. His decision is a key and seal for every topic being said.


Ingame rank: Leader [6]

Vice President is a co-owner of the club, President's right-hand men and his substitute during inactivity period. If president isn't available and/or inactive, vice gets to replace the key duties.


Ingame rank: Leader [6]

Supervisors are the most trusted players within the club who are in charge of discipline and establish club stability. They help in organization of events, parties and meetings of any kind. They answer to every question and check rookies' and members' work daily. They are the disciplinary heads of the clan and they manage membership moderation and recruitment.

Current Holders:

Ingame rank: Co-Leader [5]

Initiators are promoters of the group. Their main duty is to show and highlight clubs' reputation towards the community. They advertise and post official meeting schedules. They are looking over prospects and usually making sure meetings are going in a correct way. They are trusted and respected amomgst clan staff.

Current Holders:

Ingame rank: Advisor [4]

Club veterans are loyal and trusted members of the clan who have been contributing for an efficient amount of time. They are respected and they assist members/prospects by giving useful tips and information, along with sharing experiences from the past meetings. They assist and discuss about the club frequently, and they take an important role in attending most of meetings, being unique and blasting with experience.

Current Holders:

Ingame rank: Senior Member [3]

Designer is a player who dedicates his time more via websites than in game, his respective role and task is to create/design useful logos/headers for the clan website, introduction and so on. They are required to be able to use various designing programs and to be experienced in their duty. They are amongst the most respected and trusted within the clan. Also, when available during hangouts/events, designers take screenshots/record and edit the footage in a best way possible.

Current Holders:

Ingame rank: Senior Member [3]

Members are fully pledged recruits who have been approved as official rank holders. They gained their ability to participate meetings and they are fresh leaves in the clan. They are the most important part in our puzzle, since they spread our legacy and proudly hold our mark.

Current Holders:

Ingame rank: Member [2]

Rookies are newly recruited players who are trying to gain membership and trust at our club. Any player with decent knowledge and a good record can be a rookie, just PM any president/vice president/initiator to join. While being a rookie, you are on an undergoing trial for an undefined amount of time and based off your abilities, general attitude and qualities, we'll decide whether to award you a membership or take you out. Rookies always have to be careful and watch their backs, since they are newly introduced and lack knowledge about the system.

Current Holders:

Ingame rank: New Member [1]

Specific Roles

Head Management: President, Vice President
Clan Staff: Supervisor
Clan Membership: Veteran, Initiator, Member
Trial Membership: Rookie

Better logos will be added soon. Our designer is currently inactive, therefore we just added a couple random logos just to be able to post threads allaround.

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