Our UCP is currently disabled - Back soon!

Our UCP is currently disabled - Back soon!

Once we have fixed some problems with the UCP, it will return to xSF. Thanks for your patience. More »

We just had our first Car Festival

We just had our first Car Festival

Have a look at the pictures from the car festival that was arranged at Nov 25th 2018! More »


Happy new year!

Dear fellow members of xSF,

We wish everyone a Happy New Year! We had an incongruous year with many highs and lows where we all have learned from. In summary, we can say that 2017 has been a great year for xSF with many new innovations in the context of in-game experience, community improvements, and personnel changes. Yet, there is still work to be done, which we are more than motivated for in 2018!

xSF’s Goals for 2018:
– Many additional innovative modes for our players;
– More options for team-based gameplay to stimulate collaboration;
– Expansion of and more organized events to stimulate the internal competition;
– Deeper professionalization of the staff and helper team.

Since many new features have been implemented in our latest build and most banned players are already banned for more than three months, we decided to give every banned player (permanent banlist excluded) a second chance by wiping the banlist!

Best Regards,
The xSF Team.

xSF moved to a new IP:

In the context of our growth the past months and the overcrowding of our previous server, we decided to expand our capital by moving to a much stronger server.

The new server is located in France, you will not experience any higher or lower ping. However, your ping will be more stable and synchronization will heavily be increased because this server has a seven to eight times faster internet speed.

New server IP:

samp.xsfserver.com:7777 might also work for you, it is already updated but it might take up to a day to work (DNS).

For the tech geeks, specifications:
Intel Xeon E3-1231v3
16GB DDR3 RAM 1600 MHz
SoftRaid 2TB
500 Mbps bandwith

Build 54

Build 54

After a few (now resolved) technical server issues, we are glad to announce a new build.



– Added a ranking system with all kinds of rewards. (/ranks)
– Players’ ranks will show up in their /stats
– Stunts have been added all around /bayside
– When driver uses /world, passengers change worlds along with the driver
– Players will no longer be able to use /superman while having godmode disabled
– Added the ability to toggle event pop-ups (/togeventann)
– /v has 3D menus in all sections now
– Remastered parkour8; Added /skydive7, /hayclimb8 and /sparkour3 (/newmaps)
– Added 3 more purchaseable house interiors
– Added /down
– /gabie is back!

– Fixed a bug with /god disabling when the player joins and leaves /CnR.
– Fixed a bug with players spawning at group respawn even after they leave their group.
– Fixed DM and Event command conflicts.
– Fixed a bug with stats not getting saved.
– Fixed Army class in /CnR getting more ammunition in their first spawn.
– Fixed a bug with being able to use /myhouse while spectating.
– Fixed /god’s 3D text not being removed in events/minigames.
– A lot of small bug fixes and typo corrections.