xSF :: Server Rules

Here are the official extended rules for our server. We ask that every player follows them at all time. Failure to follow these rules may lead to a punishment.

1) Do not use cheats or any mods that interfere gameplay. In other words, that will give you an advantage over other players. Cleo is not allowed if it gives you an advantage. Car/skin/weapon mods are allowed. If you are unsure if your mod is allowed, pm a staff member and they can tell you if it is allowed or not.

2) No advertising is allowed in the server. This will lead to a permanent ban. If you want to advertise a teamspeak ip to a friend, share it to them via forum pm or any other method.

3) No flaming players in pm or in chat.

4) No screaming hacker on the chat. Use /report instead. Staff members will deal with the hacker faster if you report.

5) Do not use caps all of the time in the chat. Your caps will be disabled.

6) Do not use any bug or glitch. Report any bugs you find on the forum. (c-bug and 2shot are the only bugs allowed).

6i) The following sa:mp bug is not allowed in the server;

  • G-abuse
  • Quick deagle reload (i.e. using deagle as a passenger)

6ii) Though this rule isn’t punishable, we recommend that you ask your opponent in duels which weapon bugs he knows. Example c-bug, 2 shot, litefoot, slide bug/floor bug.

7) Do not beg for free things from staff members or any other player. This also includes annoying too.

8) Do not farm your stats or achievements. If caught, your stats/achievement will be removed and you will be banned.

9) Multi-accounting is not allowed. You are allowed up to 5 accounts providing they aren’t being used for farming.

10) Do not driveby in spawn areas in freeroam and do not spawn kill too.

11) Do not spam the chat and private messages.

12) Spawnkilling in /cnr regardless of team is not allowed. You are not allowed to camp outside the spawn areas too.

13) Revealing hidden admins are not allowed. They are hidden for a reason.

14) If you decide to be a temp-premium/vip, you can only create an event every 15 minutes.

15) You are not allowed to sell, swap or give your account to anyone. If caught, you both will be punished.

16) Players are to follow every rule that staff members tell you. If you are unsure, pm a lead+ to verify the rule.

17) Impersonating other players especially staff,VIPs and Helpers is strictly forbidden. This includes copying their name, and/or acting like them. If caught, you will be punished.

17i) Acting like a staff or helper is strictly forbidden too. This includes using /tags like “Admin” “Owner” “VIP” etc.

18) Do not trick players into typing the /q command.

19) Do not use ANY commands to avoid death during a fight.If caught death evading you will be punished.

20) Misleading new players (or any other player) into doing something against the rules (example death evading, farming etc.) is strictly forbidden. If caught you will be punished.

21) Scamming is not allowed. Any player caught doing this, will be punished. If you have been scammed, you won’t be refunded unless the staff member dealing with the report decides to refund you.

22) Players should not be telling other players to /report so they can get a report point. Only /report if you have seen the hacker. If staff believe that players are doing this, they reserve the right to not reward any of the players involved.

23) We don’t refund stupidity.

24) Killing people with helicopter blades is allowed.