xSF’s roots can be traced back to early 2012 in the form of SEv2 (Stunt Evolution v2). The Owner of the SEv2 was ReV and by using the best mappers in SA-MP and working with AndreT, the server became quite popular.  Whilst SEv2 was only opened for roughly 1 year, the server has achieved a lot in the short life-span. This includes a team deathmatch , a cops and robbers minigame and a regular 50+ players in the server on average. During the whole time SEv2 was up, it received 250 builds, which consisted of bug fixes as well as new maps and deathmatches. It was estimated that on average 82 players registered ingame per day during the lifetime of SEv2.

In March 2013 SEv2 was closed however a new server called xSF was born in its place. ReV carried on being the server owner and whilst he wasn’t active as before, he carried on releasing builds each month. Whilst Rev was owner, the server had it’s regular players return. On top of that, new players have appeared. ReV left xSF in April 2017 and since then Kevin is the owner.

Working with Xeon and DenNorske, Kevin has released at least 1 build each month. The growing playerbase has increased significantly since SEv2 days. It is estimated that roughly 600 people have registered per day since xSF started.

On xSF you can do anything you like, as long as you don’t violate our server rules. We offer a large variety of gamemodes from free-roaming to chasing robbers as a cop, there’s always something to do for your on xSF! Check out yourself by joining our server.