With the coming of build 56, you will see a bunch of differences in the way the staff team handles cheaters and rulebreakers. You will now see players being banned from the “main game”. This means ban will no longer be the default punishment for players who were found cheating either by the staff or by the Anticheat system: they will now be sent to the bad sport world.

What is the bad sport (BSP) world?
The bad sport world is a virtual world in which all cheaters, heavy rulebreakers, and bug abusers will be sent. In the bad sport world, players have no contact with the people who are playing in the main game. They do not have access to any DM zones, challenges and events. They may not participate in cookie jar or moneybag hunts, reaction tests or math tests. A BSP user will have the shameful [BSP] tag on their name, and their name set to white with zero score: any money or stats earned while in the BSP world will not be saved. They are treated as unregistered players, hence their stats cannot be viewed. While in the BSP world, the only command you have access to is /v to spawn a vehicle.

How can you get out of the BSP world?
BSP is now the replacement of a ban: hence you have no way to get out of it by yourself unless you were temporarily sent in there, in which case the system will automatically remove you from BSP world when your time is up. You will also be able to appeal your BSP on the forums, just like you could with a regular ban.

What happens if I am mistakenly put into BSP world?
To minimize the possible damage to your account upon being banned from the main game, your stats will be saved right before entering the bad sport world. You will not be kicked out of any group or lose any premium level, house or private vehicle. In this way, if an admin wrongfully uses your ID in a BSP ban, they will be able to unban you right away and you will not have lost anything, nor will your account suffer any damage.

Please note that the regular /ban command will remain for admins to use, but will be used only for some exceptional cases and hence be seen much less often.

The system will first be put on test: we will try it just to see if we like it that way, what adjustments should be done and we will leave the door open should we decide to revert all these changes and go back to the old ban system.

You can expect the coming of Bad Sport in build 56. Our development team and testers are still working very hard onto polishing everything for the release which should happen by the end of the week if everything goes fine.

Thank you!