Build 46

– The DeagleDM arena has been remade.
– The Deagle Sniper Shotgun arena has been remade.
– The Sawnoff DM arena has been remade.
– /nerf has been readded.
– /zig has been added.
– Added prevention for /q being included in AFK reasons.
– Admins can now repeat previously sent PMs.
– Events can no longer be started by AFK players.
– Speedbrake can no longer be used in bike parkour.
– Added /ogivepremium to allow premium to be given to offline players.
– Players who already have premium status can no longer buy any premium status through /cshop.
– Fixed a bug where /cshop could be used while in a duel.
– Fixed a formatting issue in /giveallscore.
– Fixed helper showing up incorrectly in /ostats.
– Fixed issues where muted players could use /afk to send messages.
– Fixed more issues related to House IDs.
– Fixed a bug where /givepremium would assign the admin’s bank balance to the player’s account.