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Forum Updates

The forum has had an update, hereby the changelog:

– Forum upgraded to SMF 2.0.14 (2017).
– Maximum width of posted images decreased to 1000 (area of SMF).
– Avatars now show on the member-list.
– @Mention bug fixed where you would not get a suggestion.
– Current Activity is now visible on someone’s profile.
– You can now save drafts and find them back at your profile.

There will also be a new theme within a week.

Create the new xSF Trailer!

Dear xSF Players,

To represent our server in official topics and advertisements we are currently looking for a new trailer. Our goal is to attract more players and give outsiders a clear view about xSF. We do like to have this as a community project, this means you will be able to create our trailer. The trailer should not be harsh or too hard for the eyes, this means there should not be an overuse of colors and animations.

Trailer conditions
– The trailer should be rendered in 1920×1080 (Full-HD);
– The trailer may not include any copyrighted music, we want to upload it on YouTube;
– The server IP ( should be mentioned in the trailer;

How can I participate?
You must design your own trailer and send it through a forum PM to @Shifty . The contest will end on Monday, June 12th, 2017. After this day we will take all trailers in consideration.

The winner of this contest will be granted with the following prizes:
– 8,000 cookies.
– $350,000,000.
– Your design will be used for commercial purposes and will be the “business card” of xSF.

Happy editing!

Server moving to a new IP

The server has been under a great amount of attacks in the past few weeks, this is a good reason to move to a more secure environment. The server moved to a new location, The Netherlands. The new network might improve your ping and overall gameplay experience on the server.

New server IP:

To connect directly add: