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xSF moved to a new IP:

In the context of our growth the past months and the overcrowding of our previous server, we decided to expand our capital by moving to a much stronger server.

The new server is located in France, you will not experience any higher or lower ping. However, your ping will be more stable and synchronization will heavily be increased because this server has a seven to eight times faster internet speed.

New server IP: might also work for you, it is already updated but it might take up to a day to work (DNS).

For the tech geeks, specifications:
Intel Xeon E3-1231v3
16GB DDR3 RAM 1600 MHz
SoftRaid 2TB
500 Mbps bandwith

Build 54

Build 54

After a few (now resolved) technical server issues, we are glad to announce a new build.



– Added a ranking system with all kinds of rewards. (/ranks)
– Players’ ranks will show up in their /stats
– Stunts have been added all around /bayside
– When driver uses /world, passengers change worlds along with the driver
– Players will no longer be able to use /superman while having godmode disabled
– Added the ability to toggle event pop-ups (/togeventann)
– /v has 3D menus in all sections now
– Remastered parkour8; Added /skydive7, /hayclimb8 and /sparkour3 (/newmaps)
– Added 3 more purchaseable house interiors
– Added /down
– /gabie is back!

– Fixed a bug with /god disabling when the player joins and leaves /CnR.
– Fixed a bug with players spawning at group respawn even after they leave their group.
– Fixed DM and Event command conflicts.
– Fixed a bug with stats not getting saved.
– Fixed Army class in /CnR getting more ammunition in their first spawn.
– Fixed a bug with being able to use /myhouse while spectating.
– Fixed /god’s 3D text not being removed in events/minigames.
– A lot of small bug fixes and typo corrections.

Build 53 + new theme + new Staff System

Build 53

– Players who are now in different minigames, group wars, races or parkours will no longer get invited to duel requests.
– Couple of animations blocked from being used in activities.
– Players who have reported /AFK status will no longer be forced into group wars.
– Removed 5 hour limitation for /saveskin
– Duel bet limit set between 1’000$ and 75’000$, but you can now only bet once every five minutes.
– Updated /gcmds with the new group commands added in Build 52 and in the recent B53
– VIPs armour has been disabled and will no longer be given to them when entering group wars.
– Players will now no longer be able to set another leader to their clan. Most leader commands can now be used by co-leaders
– War stats will now be posted every minute of the war.
– Everyone in the server will now be informed when someone joins an empty DM lobby and finds himself alone in it.
– Added the ability to tog DM ‘advertisements’ of empty lobbies (/togdmads)
– Added a limitation of 10 seconds to prevent spam from continuously changing DM lobby’s.
– Added a new music system for VIPs who are now able to /addsong. Musics are to be taken from YouTube (ONLY FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS), use /togmusic or /radio -> xSF to listen to the music.
– You are able to check the musics in the playlist with /musicplayer
– Remastered bc4, bp8; Added /parkour8, /sparkour2, /np2 and /bp10 (/newmaps)
– Added Sniper deathmatch 2.
– Stunts have been added throughout the city of Las Venturas.
– Added the possibility to choose your group spawn among other options in /spawnplace
– Added the ability to change group spawn through /gspawn (as co-leader and leader)
– Added new command /setvhealth for admins while also fixed /rv (to respawn vehicles)
– Renewed /music

– Fixed a bug with wrong house ID’s when teleporting and when printed on the 3D text label.
– Fixed a bug with toys getting attached after getting togged off.
– Fixed a bug with VIPs not getting detected by armour anti-cheat.

New Theme

We now have a fresh and new look on the forums with this new theme. You can customize your own colors by clicking on this settings icon.

New Staff System
Our Staff System has changed to a new dimension in the background. Our system consists of new ranks, departments. (more info about leaders here.) The former Moderator and Senior Admin ranks have been removed and are replaced with new, hidden ranks.


Major departments
The major departments are those that are of capital importance and are managed by managers.

Staff Team Management
The Staff Team Management is in charge of all the personnel, from issuing warnings to promoting, demoting, and assigning personnel to departments. They will manage all staff-related issues and complaints.

Helper Team Management
The Helper Team Management is responsible for selecting, demoting, and educating every Helper. They will act as the helpers’ resource if anything should happen and are here to assist them. They will educate them so that they may eventually integrate the staff team. They will also manage the helper-related issues or complaints.

Community Management
The community management is in charge of everything related to player support, such as refund requests, support requests, and ensuring a good flow in the community departments. They are also in charge of posting news and announcements.

Development Management
Development management will manage communication with developer(s) and mappers. They will consist of members who are involved in mapping and/or developing.

Community Departments
Community departments are groups that focus on a specific part of the community.

Forum Moderation
Forum moderation team is in charge of intensive cleaning of the forums, ensuring no spam is posted, moving out every threads to the processed section if needed, and issuing warnings to users who break the forum rules.

Community Events
Community Events team is a team that will focus on animation. They will have their own board where they can organize events for players to keep them entertained.

Player Reports
Player Reports team is going to be in charge of issuing punishment and processing all the reports posted on the forums.

Ban Appeals
Ban appeals team is going to be a small team that has the final word on any ban appeal. They will mostly deal with people who feel their ban appeal has not been treated fairly by the admin who banned them. They may overview the decisions of the admin who banned if felt necessary.

Visible Staff Ranks
Level 4: Owner
Level 3: Manager
Level 2: Lead Admin (department leaders)
Level 1: Admin