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12 months, 12 random events

Every month until December 2019 we will arrange a new random event on xSF. These events are stand-alone and will not require you to be present at one place, or at one moment. They are rather tasks you have to complete within a week – and all depending how you complete it you get ranked.

Car festival results and pictures!


Thank you, everyone, for joining our car festival yesterday evening – with many attendees and a big dance floor, this event became a hit!

Build 58 – PUBG event, maps and bugfixes

On November 10th, we released our 58th version of xSF – meaning we’ve got updates for you!

Key features

  • You can now enjoy our new PUBG event when this is started. Check out /pubghelp
  • Around 20 important bugfixes
  • VIP’s can now add huge material texts around on the map as labels – whether you want to put your personal text on your house or put a funny text in Grove Street – you can place up to three of them.
  • A few new maps, such as at /sarah and /lsbank


For the complete list of changes, please have a look at our forum post that lists them all here.