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Build 52

Build 52

– Added a system to prevent backstabbing and to sync the player who gets stabbed in the back
– Added war system between groups. You can now request /groupwar and /acceptwar from the other side.
– Group ID’s are now shown in /groups (to be used for group wars).
– Added script to prevent superman jump in sniper mode.
– Fallout will no longer be cancelled when a player /leave’s during countdown and one player is left waiting.
– If there are two racers left in a race and one of the racers quits the race for whatever reason, the remaining\n one will continue racing util he loses

Bug Fixes
– Bug fix to prevent money glitch/abuse.
– Fixed a bug where you could not change worlds in /bp9
– Fixed a bug where you could spawn a vehicle while in another as a driver, causing passenger to get desynced.
– Fixed a bug with /afklist showing the same player twice if there’s only one AFK
– /togflip now disables/enables vehicle flipping on button press
– /ostats has been fixed and now works normally
– Disabled superman jumping in parkour and other events/mods; including group wars
– Fixed a bug with spectation which would change your world and interior if spectating right after death.

Build 52 is mostly focused on bug fixes and comes with few new additions. This is not the final revision of Build 52, more updates will be coming up in the following days.

Temporary summer discount on premium ranks!

To celebrate the holiday season we discounted all premium ranks. This temporary discount will last till August 25, 2017

Temporary summer sale prices:
Permanent VIP: €17,50
Permanent Premium Level 2: €12,50
Permanent Premium Level 1: €6,00

For more information about premium features click here.

Happy holiday with xSF!

Build 51

Build 51

– Added single player races, you can now race alone if no participants join.
– /dduel(double duel) added. How it works: /dduel (your team mate) (opponent 1) (opponent 2)
– Killstreaks reset when you teleport away from a DM
– /sellcookie confirmation dialog added.
– /resetallracerecrods and /resetallparkourrecords added for head admins.
– New mpas /bp9 /bikec4 /bmx2 /parkour6 and /parkour7 and /tubecoaster
– New Derby maps Sports car madness 2 and Flatline Park added.
– Some major bug fixes.
– Added Mapper/Developer system.
– Mappers can no longer use helper commands.
– /forcerespawn and /questions added for helpers.
– /togbet disables bet messages.
– HP reduced in bat events.
– Helpers/Mappers/Developers have a login message now.
– New /lva map
-/mchat for mappers and /dchat for developers

New server:
New channels: #xsf and #xsf.echo

We would like to apologize for the update delay, thank you for sticking with us. We will try to be more regular now.I will edit the topic as I will be adding more maps soon.
Thanks for the support, we appreciate it.