Our UCP is currently disabled - Back soon!

Our UCP is currently disabled - Back soon!

Once we have fixed some problems with the UCP, it will return to xSF. Thanks for your patience. More »

We just had our first Car Festival

We just had our first Car Festival

Have a look at the pictures from the car festival that was arranged at Nov 25th 2018! More »


Car festival results and pictures!


Thank you, everyone, for joining our car festival yesterday evening – with many attendees and a big dance floor, this event became a hit!
With many really cool cars, the jury decided to award the three best looking vehicles based on first impressions and creativity.

  1. Valentino
  2. Miguel
  3. Emperor

Congratulations with the prizes guys, and thank you for attending.


Please check out our gallery here: https://xsfserver.com/?rl_gallery=xsf-car-festival-2018

Join our car festival event

xSF car festival event, 2018

Welcome to our first car festival event! In cooperation with the events team, there will be arranged a car festival introducing player’s custom and private cars.

For this event, we will mostly focus on having an exemplary platform made by our Community Mapper, @kostasGR, without mentioning the fact that he contributed pretty much putting such a really big effort in order to get the most suitable and fabulous objects around the whole specified map. Several cool and modified vehicles are well-welcomed as soon as such things would give an innovative perspective along with the event itself, just to review your own thoughts.

Rules & Regulations:
1. Weapons are not allowed/necessary as you’ll be joining the event whilst your god-mode is turned on.
2. No other vehicles are allowed. Whoever will be using them, the disqualification will be the priority.
4. Make sure not to be alluring during the event and enjoy your gameplay until the end.

1st place -> $20,000,000 and 200 cookies
2nd place -> $15,000,000 and 150 cookies
3rd place -> $10,000,000 and 100 cookies

How do I sign up?
Please check out the full topic here, and participate by replying to the topic (linked below). The requirement is that you have your own private car available.

When will the event be held?
The event will start at 25th of November @ 20:00 CET (Central European Time)

Picture Source: Michaelieclark/google

Build 58 – PUBG event, maps and bugfixes

On November 10th, we released our 58th version of xSF – meaning we’ve got updates for you!

Key features

  • You can now enjoy our new PUBG event when this is started. Check out /pubghelp
  • Around 20 important bugfixes
  • VIP’s can now add huge material texts around on the map as labels – whether you want to put your personal text on your house or put a funny text in Grove Street – you can place up to three of them.
  • A few new maps, such as at /sarah and /lsbank


For the complete list of changes, please have a look at our forum post that lists them all here.