Closing announcement! (And yes, we are working on getting back the forum/website)

Dear xSF,

A year and a half ago this community was in a terrible condition, we only managed to get 10 players in-game and the server was empty at night. I believed in this community and with the power of the people, I became responsible for this community. It is softly expressed to say the community wasn’t stable at that time. There was no active management, admin team or any developers to maintain xSF. Yet, I always felt the impact of the benevolence of many members of this community.

Together we brought xSF back to a (semi) highlight during summer ’17. We presented new core objectives, active development, fun events and tournaments and a reworked professional staff system. This resulted in a tremendous summer where we had a functioning and active staff team and over 120 players in the server frequently. The resurgence of our community meant we became hostile to many attacks, from weak server attacks to very sophisticated hacks of user accounts and the server and malicious people trying to tear our community apart. These events never made people lose faith and most of the times the community became stronger.

GTA San Andreas is out for almost 14 years now and the aggregated interest for this game heavily decreased after the summer of 2017. This had and still has a great impact on our playerbase. Currently there are no new players joining SA-MP anymore and the existing players slowly decide to leave this mod. The development of this mod also stopped and the core of SA-MP fell apart. This means xSF will shrink until there is no one playing and the community will be forgotten.

I do not want to see xSF in this state and that’s why we (the management) feel it is better to close the community. This can come hard to you, but it is better this way. I do not want to make a sad business out of this so I rather remember all the memories we created here. I personally have been around since mid-2013 and during my time here I met amazing people who had fun and unique stories to tell, beside that I have been given great opportunities as a staff member and later as an owner of xSF. All services of xSF will be closed at Sunday October 14, 2018 at 8pm GMT. Beforehand I invite everyone people to come and visit xSF for one last time. The Discord server will remain active as a reunion for xSF, so you can stay in touch with everyone! (yes I will also stay there)

I would like to thank a handful of people who made it possible to keep xSF alive the last years and meant a lot for the community. If I forgot you, it is nothing personal, there are simply too many people in this server to thank everyone personally.

If it wasn’t for the people of xSF, I would’ve closed xSF last year. I have to thank you for all the support you had and still have in this community. I have always been proud of this community, it will always have a peace in my heart!

Thank you for everything!

All the best,