Check out our brand new UCP!

Check out our brand new UCP!

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xSF has been given a new Life!


Hello Players!
So I’m here to explain you guys about Merge with xSF, The deal was agreed on 30.9.18 and Modern Freeroam has finally acquired xTreme Stunt Freeroam.

Here are the few questions you might be thinking of.

Q. Who am I?

A. I’m FuNkY, The developer of Modern Freeroam and I’ll be your Developer here.

Q.What is Modern Freeroam? How long has it been running for?

A. Modern Freeroam is a Stunt Server community, It was founded by Orwa Omar along with Sunny. It’s been running for almost a year.

Q. So what happened?

A. Well as you all know that xSF was gonna closed on 15th October but then Orwa Omar aka Owner decided to take over xSF community and merge with Modern Freeroam to build a better and bigger Community.So he contacted to Kevin and after few days Kevin agreed to hand over xSF and finally on 30th September both signed an Agreement about the merge of both community.

Q. After merge will i lost my statistics?

A. Your data will be saved till 10th of October, After that none of your data would be saved. Cause we’ll take the database of xSF on 10th October and then we’ll edit it.

Q. Are the staff going to be same as before?

A. No, Every Administrator and Helper of the server would be removed after 15th October. Some of Modern Freeroam’s Staff would be transferred here, If any staff member wanna re join they can fill a simple form to re-apply for their rank which would be provided after 15th October
Q. Things that’ll gonna change.

– All VIPs will be removed.
– All Administrators will be removed.
– Custom Donators Island.
– Donators Commands.

– We will be using xSF’s Forum.
– We will be using xSF’s UCP
– You can join our Discord for more info about the server.
– The current xSF’s Discord wouldn’t be then related to ours.

Join our discord by this link.

Still have any questions? Feel free to PM Me.

Best Regards.

– MF Community & Developer.

UCP is back online

Today, UCP is back in action for you guys!
Ever since the recent attacks occurred 1 month ago, we’ve been striving to ensure that every aspect of our website and server stays as secure as possible. Today we felt that a new milestone has been achieved – and it’s by time to return the beloved UCP to you. With security improvements behind the scenes, we can now be much safer that problems stays away.

If you haven’t changed your passwords in a while, we suggest you do that too – read more about that here

Head over to ASAP – There’s nothing new to see sadly – but we guess you have missed using it.

New updates are on it’s way, stay tuned

Security breach – Change your passwords!

After several hours of work from all sides, we are finally back online again with most of our services.

During the problems we have had the past few days with ex-developer sharing our databases publicly, we are required to inform you around the situation. We know for sure that our forum database and server database is leaked.

Here is what the databases contains:

  • Hashed passwords
  • Emails
  • Personal messages (forum)
  • Other contact information you may have added

If you have a great way of handling passwords and that you have unique passwords on other services, this might not be a big of a problem. But for many of us, the reality is that we use the same passwords many different places, and it’s not a good thing to do. Whoever who manages to reverse-hash the hashes, can get access to all of the other services you use just by “logging” in.

The best bet would be to change passwords everywhere, and make sure to use unique passwords for each service. This way a future breach anywhere else can’t do more damage than on that service.

The development team has done their task in order to secure all services as much as possible, and thereby avoid similar situations for the future. We require you to change your passwords, and if anything seems wrong – do not hesitate to contact the staff about it.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience, and wish you a happy stay further on xSF. Many updates are scheduled, so it is an exciting time to play here!