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Ban Appeals / Re: hi
« Last post by Sky on Today at 12:01:07 AM »
You were using Aimbot I believe.

Ban Appeals / Re: hi
« Last post by euno on Yesterday at 11:29:01 PM »
Auto c-bug scripts have nothing to do with your game folder.


Here is a small clip of your c-bugs. I spectated you for 10 minutes before banning you. You've never failed a c-bug and your c-bugs always had the same intervals which is humanly impossible.

@Sky said he also has some footage regarding you, I'll wait for him to post before making the final decision.
Meanwhile, you mind explaining how you can c-bug with the same intervals and no failures?
Ban Appeals / Re: Unban request
« Last post by ADoKaN on Yesterday at 11:09:05 PM »
Everything is clear over here.

Please post screenshot(s) of your GTA folder without any cuts with your name written in the notepad.
Processed Player Reports / Re: Superman hack + Aimbot + Rapidfire
« Last post by ADoKaN on Yesterday at 11:06:51 PM »
He is banned for fly hack, please next time provide us with solid proofs. :smile3:
Thank you.
Everything and Nothing / Re: altair
« Last post by triggered feminist on Yesterday at 11:06:23 PM »
Ban Appeals / Re: hi
« Last post by Hamza98 on Yesterday at 11:05:28 PM »
i just noticed you require the celo folder too here it's!
Ban Appeals / hi
« Last post by Hamza98 on Yesterday at 10:52:34 PM »
Name: Hamza98
Time and Date of Ban: 22:24
Why you were banned?:autocbug
Admin that banned you: euno
Explanation: i didn't use auto cbug or any other cheat ,my cbug was normal too, here's a screenshot from my game too to prove it.
the one that was cheating was the [egy] guy and he deserved the ban
Processed Player Reports / Superman hack + Aimbot + Rapidfire
« Last post by AlDuelz on Yesterday at 09:46:43 PM »
Your IG Name - [GS]AlDuelz
Player you're reporting - geotongo
Date Of Rulebreak - now
Reason for Report - airbreak + superman hack + aimbot
Proof -

Confirmation of player being registered - He is
Processed Player Reports / Re: HUNgamerDANI----- Aimbot Report
« Last post by mk7 on Yesterday at 08:08:27 PM »
No sufficient proof, it's very difficult to suspect a player by recording him in /odm. Try battling with a possible cheater by using running weapons. Being oneshot can be a matter of lag and ping differences (you haven't taken an evidence of his ping either). Dismissed, I'll keep an eye on him though.
Player Reports / Re: Player Reports
« Last post by mk7 on Yesterday at 08:04:55 PM »
SkullBhaiKaisahai_ has been banned, you have typed the wrong name in 2nd line though, be more careful next time.

Case El3TriC is running in player reports dept board. Be patient until we make final decision about it. Locked for now to prevent further arguments.
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