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Processed Player Reports / Re: Toggling aimbot
« Last post by Anicetus on Today at 03:48:34 AM »
Media / Re: some old vids
« Last post by [MM]Kira on Today at 02:06:31 AM »
Man i remember u LOL the guy who kicked ShawNz and ShivaMz asses on US ... RESPECT BRO
Video Games / Far Cry 2
« Last post by Bonzo on Today at 01:11:31 AM »

Far Cry 2 is an open world first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in October 2008. It is the second installment of the main Far Cry series, preceded by 2004's Far Cry and followed by 2012's Far Cry 3.

Ubisoft has marketed Far Cry 2 as the true sequel to Far Cry, however the sequel has very few noticeable similarities to the original game. Instead, it features completely new characters and setting, as well as a new style of gameplay that allows the player greater freedom to explore different African landscapes such as deserts, jungles, and savannas. The game takes place in a modern-day Central African nation during civil war. The player takes control of a mercenary on a lengthy journey to locate and assassinate "The Jackal", a notorious arms dealer.

Far Cry 2 was met with positive reception upon its release, with critics praising the game's setting, open-ended gameplay, visuals and AI, while criticism was directed at glitches, design choices and the writing. By January 2009, the game had sold nearly three million copies.

Vaas Montenegro

Vaas Montenegro was the secondary antagonist of Far Cry 3, appearing as the main antagonist of the first half of its storyline. He was also the archenemy of Jason Brody and Dennis Rogers and is the poster character for the game, being featured in numerous promotional materials.

Server Refunds / Re3: Lost Password
« Last post by drifter on Today at 12:00:21 AM »
 i have another count with the name of toyohisa and another charactes "[]numbers", but i don't remember the exactly name i register another count with the name Toyohisa yesterday, i want to recover the other count (the original) i remember the password of this account but not the name.
can you help me with this?
Server Refunds / Re: Lost Password
« Last post by Youcef on Yesterday at 11:58:12 PM »
In Game Name:
Are you refunding money or stats? if so post what:
How did you lose your stats?:

Follow this format please!

Lmao what are you doing Fartman has already answered him...
Server Refunds / Re: Lost Password
« Last post by Mr.Tom on Yesterday at 11:50:14 PM »
In Game Name:
Are you refunding money or stats? if so post what:
How did you lose your stats?:

Follow this format please!
Everything and Nothing / Re: Rate the signature above you
« Last post by Bonzo on Yesterday at 11:02:31 PM »
Everything and Nothing / Re: Post a picture of yourself
« Last post by Edcy on Yesterday at 10:32:16 PM »
Server Suggestions / Re: /Toys should be implemented on vehicles as well
« Last post by Edcy on Yesterday at 10:29:39 PM »
+1. You can add toys on vheicles, howevee its adding them to your body and alining  them to the body of thr vheicle, they can still move aeound. But am sure if we add this it may bring some enjoy and see what kind of toys se can add.

not if u attach em to ur calfs, they only move when you press R or whatever button used to change radio station~  :holmes3:
Ban Appeals / Re: For Gabie
« Last post by Gabie on Yesterday at 09:29:03 PM »
You're not banned in-game. You annoyed everyone on Discord so I got rid of you. We don't have anywhere to appeal a discord ban, and if you being gone pleases other users I'm keeping the ban up. Laters!
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