Build 54

After a few (now resolved) technical server issues, we are glad to announce a new build.

– Added a ranking system with all kinds of rewards. (/ranks)
– Players’ ranks will show up in their /stats
– Stunts have been added all around /bayside
– When driver uses /world, passengers change worlds along with the driver
– Players will no longer be able to use /superman while having godmode disabled
– Added the ability to toggle event pop-ups (/togeventann)
– /v has 3D menus in all sections now
– Remastered parkour8; Added /skydive7, /hayclimb8 and /sparkour3 (/newmaps)
– Added 3 more purchaseable house interiors
– Added /down
– /gabie is back!

– Fixed a bug with /god disabling when the player joins and leaves /CnR.
– Fixed a bug with players spawning at group respawn even after they leave their group.
– Fixed DM and Event command conflicts.
– Fixed a bug with stats not getting saved.
– Fixed Army class in /CnR getting more ammunition in their first spawn.
– Fixed a bug with being able to use /myhouse while spectating.
– Fixed /god’s 3D text not being removed in events/minigames.
– A lot of small bug fixes and typo corrections.