Build 51

– Added single player races, you can now race alone if no participants join.
– /dduel(double duel) added. How it works: /dduel (your team mate) (opponent 1) (opponent 2)
– Killstreaks reset when you teleport away from a DM
– /sellcookie confirmation dialog added.
– /resetallracerecrods and /resetallparkourrecords added for head admins.
– New mpas /bp9 /bikec4 /bmx2 /parkour6 and /parkour7 and /tubecoaster
– New Derby maps Sports car madness 2 and Flatline Park added.
– Some major bug fixes.
– Added Mapper/Developer system.
– Mappers can no longer use helper commands.
– /forcerespawn and /questions added for helpers.
– /togbet disables bet messages.
– HP reduced in bat events.
– Helpers/Mappers/Developers have a login message now.
– New /lva map
-/mchat for mappers and /dchat for developers

New server:
New channels: #xsf and #xsf.echo

We would like to apologize for the update delay, thank you for sticking with us. We will try to be more regular now.I will edit the topic as I will be adding more maps soon.
Thanks for the support, we appreciate it.