Temporary summer discount on premium ranks!

To celebrate the holiday season we discounted all premium ranks. This temporary discount will last till August 25, 2017

Temporary summer sale prices:
Permanent VIP: €17,50
Permanent Premium Level 2: €12,50
Permanent Premium Level 1: €6,00

For more information about premium features click here.

Happy holiday with xSF!

Build 51

Build 51 – Added single player races, you can now race alone if no participants join. – /dduel(double duel) added. How it works: /dduel (your team mate) (opponent 1) (opponent 2) – Killstreaks reset when you teleport away from a DM – /sellcookie confirmation dialog added. – /resetallracerecrods and /resetallparkourrecords added for head admins. –…

Build 50

Build 50 * /loadparkour dialog for VIP+ and automatic timers starting parkours. * /resetparkour and /resetparkourrecord for Admin+ (same functionality as /resetrecord) * Fixed the bug where you could exit LVPD at /dss. * Chloe has been renamed to ChumLee and messages are renewed. * Lead Admin changed to Senior Admin. * /vkill has been…

Build 48 & 49

Build 48 & 49 – Removed /testlol123 – Changed the minimum requirement for name length from 4 to 3 characters – You can no longer use /v70 – /v75 during races to spawn special vehicles – You can no longer use /nrg in a race to spawn a new NRG (you can still use NRG…

Build 47

Build 47 Fixed You will no longer join /dss after leaving an event Disabled anti speedhacks until I get around to making a better working one You will now respawn once you die in /ddm. People can use /weaps in a deathmatch, letting them buy sawn off/molotov/etc. in a deathmatch like /dss. Anti-speed hack has…