Build 53 + new theme + new Staff System

Build 53 ADDITIONS – Players who are now in different minigames, group wars, races or parkours will no longer get invited to duel requests. – Couple of animations blocked from being used in activities. – Players who have reported /AFK status will no longer be forced into group wars. – Removed 5 hour limitation for…

Forum Updates

The forum has had an update, hereby the changelog: – Forum upgraded to SMF 2.0.14 (2017). – Maximum width of posted images decreased to 1000 (area of SMF). – Avatars now show on the member-list. – @Mention bug fixed where you would not get a suggestion. – Current Activity is now visible on someone’s profile.…

Build 52

Build 52 Additions – Added a system to prevent backstabbing and to sync the player who gets stabbed in the back – Added war system between groups. You can now request /groupwar and /acceptwar from the other side. – Group ID’s are now shown in /groups (to be used for group wars). – Added script…

Temporary summer discount on premium ranks!

To celebrate the holiday season we discounted all premium ranks. This temporary discount will last till August 25, 2017

Temporary summer sale prices:
Permanent VIP: €17,50
Permanent Premium Level 2: €12,50
Permanent Premium Level 1: €6,00

For more information about premium features click here.

Happy holiday with xSF!

Build 51

Build 51 – Added single player races, you can now race alone if no participants join. – /dduel(double duel) added. How it works: /dduel (your team mate) (opponent 1) (opponent 2) – Killstreaks reset when you teleport away from a DM – /sellcookie confirmation dialog added. – /resetallracerecrods and /resetallparkourrecords added for head admins. –…