Temporary summer discount on premium ranks!

To celebrate the holiday season we discounted all premium ranks. This temporary discount will last till August 25, 2017

Temporary summer sale prices:
Permanent VIP: €17,50
Permanent Premium Level 2: €12,50
Permanent Premium Level 1: €6,00

For more information about premium features click here.

Happy holiday with xSF!

Build 51

Build 51 – Added single player races, you can now race alone if no participants join. – /dduel(double duel) added. How it works: /dduel (your team mate) (opponent 1) (opponent 2) – Killstreaks reset when you teleport away from a DM – /sellcookie confirmation dialog added. – /resetallracerecrods and /resetallparkourrecords added for head admins. –…


Create the new xSF Trailer!

Dear xSF Players, To represent our server in official topics and advertisements we are currently looking for a new trailer. Our goal is to attract more players and give outsiders a clear view about xSF. We do like to have this as a community project, this means you will be able to create our trailer.…


Server moving to a new IP

The server has been under a great amount of attacks in the past few weeks, this is a good reason to move to a more secure environment. The server moved to a new location, The Netherlands. The new network might improve your ping and overall gameplay experience on the server. New server IP: To…


New Developers

Dear members We are glad to announce that two new developers arrived in our team. @kevvinn and @denNorske will help with updating, tweaking and debugging our gamemode. Both are well-known and trusted SA-MP scripters. The limit for Developers is currently set at two because we do not want a big team. What power do they…