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Build 38 (Christmas Update!)

* Fixed ruthless cop achivement bug where it would give you the achievement on 50 cop kills
* Added !h for helper chat on IRC (only works on staff channel)
* Fixed bug with events/derby events ending randomly.
* Edited premium chat colors.
* Edited /ask and /reply chat colors.
* You can no longer have 2 accounts logged in at the same time (exploits with /afk)
* You can no longer send money/cookies to players that are /AFK.
* /gMembers now displays up to 100 members.
* Added /hsay for helpers, similar to /asay for staff members
* Helpers can now use /eventkick, /slap and /specoff(forgot to add this last update)
* Fixed /warn command for helpers.
* Maximum you can get from moneybags is reduced to 80k.
* Added /setcookies command for head admins+.
* Moderaters can now disable spectators using /togspec, however admins with high levels will be able to still spectate them.
* /pInfo now shows all the players namechanges.
* You can no longer arrest players near the new robber’s base in CnR.
* Commands /settime,/setweather,/day,/night no longer affects players with custom weather/time which can be found in /settings.
* Players can no longer use /q in the /me command.
* Abandoned Airport hangers textured with disco floors.
* You can now only use /ask 2 times per minute to prevent spam.
* Premium members now get 20% extra cash for moneybag pickups instead of double.
* You now get 75% of the house value when selling your house to the server.
* All house prices have been updated, houses are now buyable!
* You can no longer type /leave as a robber when nearby a cop!
* Changed requirements for army in CnR, you now need 500 arrests to choose this class, also added sniper rifle and increased grenades to 5 for army class.
* Changed requirements for Pro Robbers in CnR, you now need 300 store robberies to choose this class.
* Changed weapon set for pro robbers-
MP5 – 1200 ammo.
M4 – 2000 ammo
Deagle – 600 ammo.
Combat Shotgun – 500 ammo.
Grandes – 5 ammo.
Sniper Rifle – 200 ammo.

Christmas Updates:
* Christmas trees are now added to every spawn area.
* Added /snow command, you can now toggle the snow falling!
* All server vehicles are now red and green (Does not include player-spawned/private vehicles)
* You can recieve presents from christmas trees once a day (score, money, cookies)
* All players now spawn with santa hats!
* Abandoned Airport based textured with snow object.
* Edited connect textdraw with christmas theme.
* Hidden presents are back, 40 hidden presents placed around San Andreas! Find them for cash and cookies! (Up to 300k cash and and 100 cookies!) (Use /present to check current location)
* Christmas Map (an interior rather) by Payup – /xmas

Build 37


Build 37

* Added red zones on the minimap for both robber’s base in CnR, added protection and gates for the new base also extended the old one. [implemented 4-5 days ago]
* Fixed ‘Pro Cop’ achivement.
* Fixed string bug with /silentkick.
* Removed Fake-kill messages (wasn’t accurate most of the time)
* Global chat message sent to CnR players when a new player joins /cnr
* Fixed bug where you were able to rob players in jail.
* You can no longer rob players that are AFK (alt+tabbed)
* Global message is sent to CnR when a player escapes from jail instead of just for cops.
* Added “Cop Kills” to /cnrstats.
* New achivement – Ruthless (Kill 100 cops in CnR as a robber)
* You can no longer arrest robbers as a passenger on CnR, but you can arrest as a driver while the suspect is inside the car.
* You must have voice (+v) on IRC to talk from IRC to ingame, due to spam from some players.
* Server now echos only the first 5 participants when finishing a race (saves spam)
* Reports Points are now displayed in /stats and /ostats.
* /houses now displays house prices.
* Reduced description string limit to 15
* Lowered prize for /skydive6 (it’s quite easy)
* Fixed bug where event/derby wouldn’t end if last 2 players were eliminated at the same time
* Implemented initial build of the Helper System

Build 36

Build 36

* Fixed bug where no objects would appear when joining /derby in /world 10.
* Created /offlinestats command (/ostats) – You can now view the stats of players that are offline!
* Added /movehouse command, lead admins+ can now move/adjust house locations around the server!
* Added Math Quiz’s answered to /stats. (Maths has just been added to the database, so everyone starts fresh)
* Added /topmaths to /toplist.
* Added /reloadhouse command for leads+ (you can now reload houses that are bugged (ie: house text doesn’t appear)
* Security updates and code improvements.
* LMS win prizes have been increased and is set to random for both score and money (money between 5k-20k score between 2-8)
* Added second robber’s base located East of LV.
* Teleport messages above the speedometer are now disabled by default. (/tpmsgs to toggle)
* Fixed /givecar username parameter not working properly.
* Fixed some broken links in /radio also Drum and Bass is now replaced with Pop, and Jazz is replaced with Dubstep.
* Added /addparkourrecord command – similar to /addracerecord but for the parkours.
* New Waterfall derby map by Mixa.
* Added anti-repeat for private messages.
* Added /skydive6 by knackworst.
* Added !omute and !ojail IRC commands.
* Added /goto2 – Has the same affect as /goto but you teleport without a vehicle (usefull for events)
* Fixed bug where a player that has been /caps’d can use caps with the /me command.
* Added /cnrstats
* Added 5 new achievements-
Human Calculator – Answer 80 math questions.
Derby Pro – Win 50 derby minigames.
Pro Cop – Make 50 takedowns in /CnR
Pro Theif – Rob 50 shops in /CnR
Pickpocketer – Rob 50 players in /CnR
* All race records have been reset!

** Note – Your takedowns, robberies in CnR are set to 0 because those values have just been added to the database, sorry for the inconvience!
** Note 2 – This update is the complete release of Build 36, the build that was put on the server for the past few days (by accident) only contain a small amount of these features listed.

Hotfix #1
* Fixed checkpoint at the end of /skydive6
* Fixed /cnrstats where it would show random players stats instead of yours.
* Fixed bug where you were able to use /rob in jail.
* Fix some typos.
* Added object validity checks to vehicle objects (special vehicles, sirens, neons etc..) – this may or may not fix the issue with vehicle objects randomly disappearing.

Build 35

Build 35

* Updated SA-MP server to 0.3z R4
* Updated to latest MySQL plugin.
* Updated to latest IRC plugin
* Updated to latest Streamer plugin.
* All new moneybags and cookiejars provided by Shifty, Diablo and myself, all the old ones were replaced.
* Race records will now reset on the 1st of every month to allow new players a chance.
* All bans have been reset, all players now get a second chance!
* Players can no longer sell houses to others with less than 12 hours online time.
* Disabled the use of /nametag in DMs and Events.
* /nametag is now a premium only feature.
* You can no longer change your skin while playing CnR.
* Max house value increased from 100m to 1 billion.
* Minimum house value increased from 4m to 5m. (Does not affect houses already created)
* Increased house limit from 700 to 1000. (will increase further in future builds.)
* Added /hm as a shortcut for /housemenu.
* Added /giveallscore command (same affect as /giveallcookie)
* Bets are no longer showed in global chat due to spam and only players in /watchduel are able to bet.
* Various improvements to server security
* Head admins can now set player levels.
* Added /omute for mods+, staff can now mute players that are offline
* Added /ojail for mods+, staff can now jail players that are offline.
* Races/Parkours will no longer start with 1 participant, must consist of more than one player.
* Improved /fakeban command (doesn’t show disconnect message with over 50 players online)
* /Textdraws now also hides the godmode textdraw under healthbar.
* Half ops can now use !oban on IRC/ Moderators can now use /oban ingame.
* Edited time and weather option in settings, you can now change your weather/time back to the server default by clicking the second option.
* Bike Parkour 5 has been replaced with an improved parkour by Mixa.
* New Parkour 5 map by Mixa.
* /Mini now has 10 new spawnpoints and /mini2 has 2 new spawnpoints.
* /myworld can no longer be used in a race due to bug abuse, also /vw has been disabled for races and challenges.
* VIP players can no longer use /hydra and /tank during a race.
* Players can no longer use commands while frozen.
* You can’t use map teleporting while a cookie jar hunt or moneybag hunt is going on
* Head admins can now create houses (parameters: /createhouse

* /resetrecord /eventkick and /racekick no longer displays the administrators name when hidden.
* Added helicopter on the helipad in /lsair
* Added 2 trams and 3 trains in the server (tram: one in front of wangs, one in front of atto) (Train located in the SF Station, LS Station and LV Station.)
* You can now /checkban with IP as a parameter (/checkban [Name or IP])
* Removed all sprunk machines on the server.
* Added bullet crash protection (new exploit in 0.3z)

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed bug where players were able to enter the CNR world using /myworld 92.
* Fixed bug where players were able to advertise IP’s using /me.
* Fixed exploit while players were able to join races and CNR while having the duel menu open
* Fixed a bunch of typos/grammar mistakes.
* Fixed bug where you were able to use /weapons in Rocket DM.
* Fixed bug where players were able to use /q in player announcement from /cshop.
* Fixed bug where you were able to teleport while previewing interior, resulting in you getting the interior for free.
* Fixed bug where /lightfw message didn’t show for players nearby.
* Fixed bug where you were able to get in the driver seat of a locked private vehicle using MMB
* Fixed bug where Chumlee would display incorrect chat and teleport messages used since uptime.
* Fixed exploit were you were still able to pickup jetpack in CnR and challenges using the jump bug.
* Fixed bug where you were able to spawn vehicles instantly after dying (leading to death evade in duels)
* Fixed bug where non-vip players were able to use MMB to enter vip hydra/tanks/hunters.
* Fixed bug where admins/vips were able to get in the cage event by toggling spectator mode.
* Fixed bug where /warn /kick wouldn’t display message to players if the reason is too long.

* This is mainly a bugfix update, following updates will include more features!

ReV:”I would like to thank all our players for staying patient for over 5 months without updates, from now on the server will be updated regularly!”

Since the Scavenger Hunt is officially over, we have finally the list of the winners and of course, prizes for everyone.


Temen – One month VIP Membership, 5,000,000$, 300 cookies and 300 score
Nauman[iN] – 1,500,000$, 150 cookies and 100 score (player is already vip)
[iN]Zig_ – 7 days Premium LVL 1 Membership 1,500,000$, 150 cookies and 100 score
you10 – 1,500,000$, 150 cookies and 100 score (player is already premium)
Quarter[TM] – 7 days Premium LVL 1 Membership 1,500,000$, 150 cookies and 100 score

Congrats to Temen and thanks to everyone for participating to the Scavenger Hunt event! More events will come soon, stick with us!

From this moment on there will be a scavenger hunt for the next 7 days.

Each day at around the same hour we will provide you with a cropped picture we take somewhere in San Andreas.
The first person that finds the location wins the daily match.
At the end of the week the person with most locations found first will recieve 1 month VIP membership + cookies and money.
All the other people who found 1 or 2 locations first will win money, some cookies and 4 days level 1 premium membership.

When you find the location take a screenshot of you near the building and post it in the respective topic in the “xSF Scavenger Hunt Event” section on xSF Forums.

Don’t have an account yet? Register now!

Build 34

Build 34

* VIPs can no longer spectate players within 10 seconds of picking up a moneybag.
* Fixed race textdraws not dissapearing after death.
* Fixed some exploits with buying/selling cookies
* Fixed bug when you could use /respawn during a robbery
* Fixed bug where speedboost didnt reset to default when your premium membership expired
* You now receive 50k instead of 20k when registering.
* You can no longer advertise IPs or use ‘/q’ when sending a message over IRC
* Improvements to /eject command.
* Regular players can no longer buy VIP houses.
* Firework messages are now only shown to players nearby
* Fixed some exploits with invalid components to vehicles.
* Fixed IRC /crash command
* Added command /unblockcmds for administrator
* You can now stay as a passenger in an unoccupied vehicle, but cops can now arrest you when they enter the vehicle.
* Fixed bug with regular players entering stores in the same virtual world as CnR.
* Enabling god now resets your killstreak.
* Added prevention for challenges, you can not complete a challenge within 30 seconds after completing the first one.
* Fixed players being able to rob others with a low amount of cash, you can now /rob players up to 20k.
* Added anti-driveby near spawnzones for drivers and passengers.
* Math questions now have a timer that displays how long it took you to answer.
* 10 more MB and CJ locations provided by Shifty.
* Chumlee now displays records, ie: richest player, highest scorer, most mbs found, etc..
* Non-VIPS can no longer enter tanks, hydras or hunters
* Tons of minor bug fixes.
** Parkour racing system, similar to race system but on foot parkour style. [can be started manually by admins/vips, soon it will be automatic when we have enough parkours made] (there are no parkours made as of yet, within a week we should have at least 10)

~There will be a minor update after this (34.1) to fix some bugs.

Welcome to xSF


Hey guys!

Welcome to my new project based off my old one, SEv2. All your player stats/houses/toys from SEv2 will be ported into the new server. We hope to fufill most players needs and become one of the best stunt servers in SA-MP!

There will be major bugfixes and a couple of new features in xSF, we are also open to any suggestions, a changelog will be posted soon. We hope you guys can stay with us and once again reach the top!

New Server IP:
New Site:

Stay tuned!