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Build 43

Build 43

* Fixed bug where you were able to /respawn during a race
* Fixed bug where when you cancel in /buyhouse you still end up buying the house
* Fixed typos
* Fixed bug where Niagara Falls doesn’t work under /teles – > misc -> niagara
* Fixed bug where Bumper Cars in /teles is the same as /breakcuffs
* There is a cooldown to start events
* Added /togevent which allows you to toggle whether you get the invite for the event or not
* /togpms will now be saved to permanently
* Fixed specific bans not saving to the database
* VIP’s won’t be able to spectate while in a duel from now on
* Fixed helper status not showing in /ostats
* You can only use /siren when you are a driver in a vehicle
* You cannot use /parachute in CnR anymore
* Removed knife from CnR due to bug abuses
* You cannot use /parachute in Hayclimb challenges.
* Added /ogetip for staff
* Added /topderby
* New chumlee random facts
* Only the founder of the group can disband the group
* You cannot put /q in your AFK reason and PM’s.
* Helpers can now use the prefix * to chat in helper chat
* Added hit sound when you shoot / hit a player. You can toggle the sound with /toghit (Disabled by default)
* Added /deagledm and /dss(dm) (deagle/sniper/shotgun)
* Fixed bug where ban count increases when /oban
* Fixed house id’s and interiors not working properly
* Whisper messages will now not go to the main IRC channel.
* Players cannot use @ prefix while commands are blocked.
* Added 30 new moneybag locations (By Brian)
* Added 20 new cookie jar locations(By Brian)
* Added /bp9 and /bp10 (By Mixa)
* Added /hayclimb8 , /hayclimb9 and /hayclimb10 (By Mixa)
* Added /skydive7 (By Mixa)
* Disabled buying Molotovs from /bf
* Fixed /togtoys not disabling toys when you respawn in CnR
* Added Sniper to SWAT.
* Fixed a bug where you could use /breakin to enter houses while in challenges
* You cannot /locate a person spectating from now on.
* You cannot use /spos while in a duel!
* You can’t spawn hydra/tank/hunter while in passenger seat (VIP cmd)
* Added /launcher2 (By marko)
* Increased /givecookie limit from 50->100
* Fixed being teleported to interior after choosing a category and cancelling in /interiors
* Changed Temp Premium Level 2 and Temp VIP 1 connect to 1 day and increased the prices.
* Added a confirmation message when you /sellcookies
* Patched /bp3 shortcut (By marko)
* Repatched /fdm (By marko)

NOTE: Please report all bugs.


Join us and others on our very own TeamSpeak3 Server!


Teamspeak 3 is available for download at the link below.



Hello and welcome to the group 2 vs 2 duel tournament. This tournament will be hosted by Brian and will be spectated by him personally (or staff member if he approves it).

Matches are based on BO3 ( best of 3) rounds, that means you will need to win 2 matches in order to beat opponent team.
Maximum number of teams is 16, first come, first serve. Tournament is based on eliminations that means if you lose one match you are eliminated from tournament (only if you are in semifinals then you will play match for 3rd place).
Matches will be scheduled right after the signups close.

Read more here.

Build 42

Build 42
* New achievement – CookieJar Hunter – Collect 150 cookie jars!
* Speed hack detector now lists speed player is going.
* Footer textdraw improvements, the playercount will now turn blue if the DM/Minigame has 1 or more players.
* Updated streamer plugin.
* Updated IRC plugin.0.3.7 Updates-
* Made use of the DisableRemoteVehicleCollisions function, vehicle ramming is now disabled in races!
* Changed house pickup icons – On Sale = Green, On the market = Yellow, Sold = Red
* Added 14 new 0.3.7 objects in /toys!
* New 0.3.7 skins added to /skin (/skin 300-311)
* Added /invincible command for lead admins+ – allows you to go through vehicles.
* CnR unmarked cop vehicles (Cheetah, Banshee, etc..) now come equipped with an audio siren.

** Ban list has been cleared, everyone now gets a fresh start, however if any staff members feel like you should stay banned you will be re-banned.

More updates additioning to this build will come soon!

Upgrade to SA-MP 0.3.7


We have upgraded to 0.3.7!

You will need to upgrade to the 0.3.7 client to play, which can be found here:

Along with this update, Build 42 has also been released which can be found in the server changelog!