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Welcome to xSF


Hey guys!

Welcome to my new project based off my old one, SEv2. All your player stats/houses/toys from SEv2 will be ported into the new server. We hope to fufill most players needs and become one of the best stunt servers in SA-MP!

There will be major bugfixes and a couple of new features in xSF, we are also open to any suggestions, a changelog will be posted soon. We hope you guys can stay with us and once again reach the top!

New Server IP:
New Site:

Stay tuned!

Since the Scavenger Hunt is officially over, we have finally the list of the winners and of course, prizes for everyone.


Temen – One month VIP Membership, 5,000,000$, 300 cookies and 300 score
Nauman[iN] – 1,500,000$, 150 cookies and 100 score (player is already vip)
[iN]Zig_ – 7 days Premium LVL 1 Membership 1,500,000$, 150 cookies and 100 score
you10 – 1,500,000$, 150 cookies and 100 score (player is already premium)
Quarter[TM] – 7 days Premium LVL 1 Membership 1,500,000$, 150 cookies and 100 score

Congrats to Temen and thanks to everyone for participating to the Scavenger Hunt event! More events will come soon, stick with us!

From this moment on there will be a scavenger hunt for the next 7 days.

Each day at around the same hour we will provide you with a cropped picture we take somewhere in San Andreas.
The first person that finds the location wins the daily match.
At the end of the week the person with most locations found first will recieve 1 month VIP membership + cookies and money.
All the other people who found 1 or 2 locations first will win money, some cookies and 4 days level 1 premium membership.

When you find the location take a screenshot of you near the building and post it in the respective topic in the “xSF Scavenger Hunt Event” section on xSF Forums.

Don’t have an account yet? Register now!

Build 34

Build 34

* VIPs can no longer spectate players within 10 seconds of picking up a moneybag.
* Fixed race textdraws not dissapearing after death.
* Fixed some exploits with buying/selling cookies
* Fixed bug when you could use /respawn during a robbery
* Fixed bug where speedboost didnt reset to default when your premium membership expired
* You now receive 50k instead of 20k when registering.
* You can no longer advertise IPs or use ‘/q’ when sending a message over IRC
* Improvements to /eject command.
* Regular players can no longer buy VIP houses.
* Firework messages are now only shown to players nearby
* Fixed some exploits with invalid components to vehicles.
* Fixed IRC /crash command
* Added command /unblockcmds for administrator
* You can now stay as a passenger in an unoccupied vehicle, but cops can now arrest you when they enter the vehicle.
* Fixed bug with regular players entering stores in the same virtual world as CnR.
* Enabling god now resets your killstreak.
* Added prevention for challenges, you can not complete a challenge within 30 seconds after completing the first one.
* Fixed players being able to rob others with a low amount of cash, you can now /rob players up to 20k.
* Added anti-driveby near spawnzones for drivers and passengers.
* Math questions now have a timer that displays how long it took you to answer.
* 10 more MB and CJ locations provided by Shifty.
* Chumlee now displays records, ie: richest player, highest scorer, most mbs found, etc..
* Non-VIPS can no longer enter tanks, hydras or hunters
* Tons of minor bug fixes.
** Parkour racing system, similar to race system but on foot parkour style. [can be started manually by admins/vips, soon it will be automatic when we have enough parkours made] (there are no parkours made as of yet, within a week we should have at least 10)

~There will be a minor update after this (34.1) to fix some bugs.