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Upgrade to SA-MP 0.3z


We have upgraded to 0.3z!

You will need to upgrade to the 0.3z client to play, which can be found here:

Build 41

Build 41

* Improvements to the temporary ban system, temp bans that are expired are now deleted.
* Satchel charges and flamethrower added to weapon anti-cheat.
* Fixed bug where if you join the Field Fight/Derby in world 10 the objects won’t appear.
* Players that are jailed when they connect are now cuffed to avoid them hitting other players.
* Fixed exploit with house selling (details will not be mentioned)
* Fixed bug where house wouldn’t go off the market after selling it to another player.
* Fake killing no longer detects ODM players.
* You can no longer enter the regular players club in AA while playing CnR..
* Replaced Satchel charges with nades in TDM for the blue team
* Removed hidden presents, will be back next Christmas!
* Staff members that are hidden are also hidden from the premium/vip list.
* Re-added /airbrek as a staff command.
* Fixed bug with /togspec not working properly.
* Replaced the /skydive3 MB.
* /Checkban now displays banned players IP for staff members.
* Removed announcement from /cshop.
* You now must be logged in to answer reaction tests
* You are now notified if someone answers the reaction test and your message isn’t sent (prevents chat spam)
* Temporarily removed IRC join/disconnect messages ingame due to spam.
* Increased money bag cash pickup by 30%
* Fixed bug where player that was /silentkick’d didn’t see the message/reason.
* Killstreak messages under 7 aren’t shown in main chat.
* K/D reset increased to 1500 cookies in /cshop
* Increased race participants to 20.
* Fixed string bug with /afklist and /cnrlist.
* Added /setgroupscore for server owner.
* Helper chat is now more visible on IRC
* You can no longer use the /world command in interiors
* Hidden staff members names are not shown under /hsay
* Server now hides connection textdraw when a player is shown the ban message
* Some other bug fixes not listed

Build 40

Build 40

* Added Elite Robbers to CnR for VIPS only. (Marked red on the minimap, special skin, spawns with RPG – more features to this shall be added soon)
* Added /breakcuffs (/bc) for robbers, you can now evade your arrest by using /bc when cuffed (30-40% success rate)
* All cops can now use MMB to arrest players instead of just premium members.
* Houses that are for sale on the market are now marked with a green house icon on the minimap.
* Robbers can no longer use cop skin in /CnR
* Helpers can now use /loadparker.
* Added /la (Lead Admin+) chat
* Added KDR Reset to /cshop, you can now reset your kills/deaths for 1200 cookies!
* Message now displays to staff/helpers when a player gets their question answered.
* Fixed bug where 2 races were able to start at the same time.
* Fixed bug where pro robbers don’t get their old weaponset when using /escape.
* Added limit to warning players, so players can’t get warned multiple times within 10 seconds.
* Limited /reward to 5 score max.
* /Stats now displays if a player has temporary premium.
* /RespawnVehicles no longer applies to CnR vehicles.
* Added /rvcnr to respawn CnR vehicles only.
* Added more spawn areas for /mini and /mini2
* Dialogs now automatically get closed when leaving a checkpoint.
* Health and Jetpack pickups are now only displayed for world 0.
* Increased description limit to 20 in /stats.
* Removed some Christmas updates (Vehicle colors are back to normal, Santa hat) – More will be removed on the next build.
* /TogSpec now saves to your account, staff member don’t have to keep re-enabling it.
* Fixed bug where you were able to spawn in your sold house.
* You can now use shotguns as passengers in CnR, only deagle is disallowed.
* Edited /tpm colors, easier to notice and read now.
* Your selected skin no longer resets as a robber when you respawn.
* When getting kicked for excessive accounts, server now lists the names under your account.
* Added barriar around /fdm and Field Fight event so you can no longer escape the field.
* Jetpacks are now properly detected by the server (added check under OnPlayerPickup), so that it can’t be used for any challenges/dms.
* Increased range limit for robbers using /leave next to cops in CnR.
* You must now wait 60 seconds between changing house values on the market to prevent scam.
* Fixed incorrect player count for CnR in /minigames.
* Skydiver achievement now requires you to complete first 5 skydives in one connect.
* Separated virtual words for most shops in CnR (ie: ammunation)
* New AA Garage (Made use of the texture feature!)
* Race records have been reset!
* Internal optimizations and minor bugfixes.

Build 39

Build 39 (Small Update)

* You can no longer rob players near the robber’s base
* Added world boundaries to CnR (You can’t leave LV)
* Added anti-remote jacking/anti remote controlling vehicles.
* You can no longer access jetpacks in challenges or CnR..
* Changed requirement for pro robbers – You now need 100 store robberies and 100 cop kills to choose this rank
* Changed requirement for army class – You now need 200 arrests and 200 takedowns to choose this rank.
* Fixed bug where players were able to /goto to players in jail and the jailed player was able to escape.
* You can now send up to 5m in /givecash instead of 1m
* You must have at least 5 hours online to claim your present at the christmas trees.
* Cops can no longer arrests suspects that recently /escape’d – 10 second cooldown.
* You can no longer use deagle, combat shotgun/regular shotgun while in the passenger seat due to it being overpowered.
* Increase house storage to 500m from 25m.
** You can now put your house up for sale on the market (/hm -> House Selling) ! Players will now be able to buy your house while you are offline using /buyhouse! (Suggested here:
* Minor bug fixes.

Build 38 (Christmas Update!)

Build 38 (Christmas Update!)

* Fixed ruthless cop achivement bug where it would give you the achievement on 50 cop kills
* Added !h for helper chat on IRC (only works on staff channel)
* Fixed bug with events/derby events ending randomly.
* Edited premium chat colors.
* Edited /ask and /reply chat colors.
* You can no longer have 2 accounts logged in at the same time (exploits with /afk)
* You can no longer send money/cookies to players that are /AFK.
* /gMembers now displays up to 100 members.
* Added /hsay for helpers, similar to /asay for staff members
* Helpers can now use /eventkick, /slap and /specoff(forgot to add this last update)
* Fixed /warn command for helpers.
* Maximum you can get from moneybags is reduced to 80k.
* Added /setcookies command for head admins+.
* Moderaters can now disable spectators using /togspec, however admins with high levels will be able to still spectate them.
* /pInfo now shows all the players namechanges.
* You can no longer arrest players near the new robber’s base in CnR.
* Commands /settime,/setweather,/day,/night no longer affects players with custom weather/time which can be found in /settings.
* Players can no longer use /q in the /me command.
* Abandoned Airport hangers textured with disco floors.
* You can now only use /ask 2 times per minute to prevent spam.
* Premium members now get 20% extra cash for moneybag pickups instead of double.
* You now get 75% of the house value when selling your house to the server.
* All house prices have been updated, houses are now buyable!
* You can no longer type /leave as a robber when nearby a cop!
* Changed requirements for army in CnR, you now need 500 arrests to choose this class, also added sniper rifle and increased grenades to 5 for army class.
* Changed requirements for Pro Robbers in CnR, you now need 300 store robberies to choose this class.
* Changed weapon set for pro robbers-
MP5 – 1200 ammo.
M4 – 2000 ammo
Deagle – 600 ammo.
Combat Shotgun – 500 ammo.
Grandes – 5 ammo.
Sniper Rifle – 200 ammo.

Christmas Updates:
* Christmas trees are now added to every spawn area.
* Added /snow command, you can now toggle the snow falling!
* All server vehicles are now red and green (Does not include player-spawned/private vehicles)
* You can recieve presents from christmas trees once a day (score, money, cookies)
* All players now spawn with santa hats!
* Abandoned Airport based textured with snow object.
* Edited connect textdraw with christmas theme.
* Hidden presents are back, 40 hidden presents placed around San Andreas! Find them for cash and cookies! (Up to 300k cash and and 100 cookies!) (Use /present to check current location)
* Christmas Map (an interior rather) by Payup – /xmas

Build 37


Build 37

* Added red zones on the minimap for both robber’s base in CnR, added protection and gates for the new base also extended the old one. [implemented 4-5 days ago]
* Fixed ‘Pro Cop’ achivement.
* Fixed string bug with /silentkick.
* Removed Fake-kill messages (wasn’t accurate most of the time)
* Global chat message sent to CnR players when a new player joins /cnr
* Fixed bug where you were able to rob players in jail.
* You can no longer rob players that are AFK (alt+tabbed)
* Global message is sent to CnR when a player escapes from jail instead of just for cops.
* Added “Cop Kills” to /cnrstats.
* New achivement – Ruthless (Kill 100 cops in CnR as a robber)
* You can no longer arrest robbers as a passenger on CnR, but you can arrest as a driver while the suspect is inside the car.
* You must have voice (+v) on IRC to talk from IRC to ingame, due to spam from some players.
* Server now echos only the first 5 participants when finishing a race (saves spam)
* Reports Points are now displayed in /stats and /ostats.
* /houses now displays house prices.
* Reduced description string limit to 15
* Lowered prize for /skydive6 (it’s quite easy)
* Fixed bug where event/derby wouldn’t end if last 2 players were eliminated at the same time
* Implemented initial build of the Helper System

Welcome to xSF


Hey guys!

Welcome to my new project based off my old one, SEv2. All your player stats/houses/toys from SEv2 will be ported into the new server. We hope to fufill most players needs and become one of the best stunt servers in SA-MP!

There will be major bugfixes and a couple of new features in xSF, we are also open to any suggestions, a changelog will be posted soon. We hope you guys can stay with us and once again reach the top!

New Server IP:
New Site:

Stay tuned!