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Welcome to xSF


Hey guys!

Welcome to my new project based off my old one, SEv2. All your player stats/houses/toys from SEv2 will be ported into the new server. We hope to fufill most players needs and become one of the best stunt servers in SA-MP!

There will be major bugfixes and a couple of new features in xSF, we are also open to any suggestions, a changelog will be posted soon. We hope you guys can stay with us and once again reach the top!

New Server IP:
New Site:

Stay tuned!

Build 32

Build 32

* Added interiors to teleport list, Misc -> Interiors or /interiors
* Added /cw (/changeworld) command to all challenge maps (parkour, bp, hayclimb etc…)
* Added /topreactions and /toparrests to /top list.
* All categeries on /tops are now better aligned
* You can no longer spawn a vehicle while spectating
* You can no longer advertise IP’s via PM’s.
* /PMs now displays last 5 pms (previously 3)
* RGB values under 60 are no longer allowed (all 3 values under 60, for example 0 0 61 would be fine)
* Server now sends a global message when someone sells their house to another player.
* Your armour no longer gets affected if someone shoots you while you’re in godmode.
* New MySQL plugin (r37), much faster and has much more features.